Quit watching interview tips on youtube, listening to so called gurus of job interviews.


3-Day WhatsApp Course

with Vikaas Kausshik

Top Transformation Coach in India

Join the 3-Day WhatsApp Class to discover how to:

  • Enhance your interview skills that let you perform your best and give brilliant answers in the interview.
  • Perform well in the interview and get your dream job.
  • Give answers that would be really appreciated by the interviewer.
  • Respond with the real-life answers instead of copying the endless senseless answers from social media platforms.

When you Master Ultimate Interview Success Model in your job search, you can Say Bye Bye to:

  • Nervousness before interviews.

  • Feeling unprepared or unsure about how to answer interview questions.

  • Doubts about your ability to impress the interviewer and secure the job.

  • Fear of missing out on opportunities due to lack of interview skills.

  • Stress and anxiety about the job search process.

Break away from the rat race of giving interviews over and over again without being successful in getting a job!!!

Like 100's of my previous students !!!

Day 1 - Today, we'll focus on creating a standout resume and cover letter, understanding job descriptions and doing company research.


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Day 2 - Today, we focus on preparing for the interview itself.
1. Interview Preparation Checklist
2. 50 Common Interview Questions and Answers
3. Behavioural Interviewing Preparation Worksheet
4. Learn the STAR method for answering behavioural questions.

The Task would be sent in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Day 3 - Today, we'll cover interview day essentials and post-interview strategies.
1. How to Dress for an Interview
2. Interview Body Language 3. Online Interviews Guide
4. Managing stress and negotiating salary
Super Bonus: Personality Improvement Toolkit

Go from being an average person who can't do well in interviews to somebody who is BRILLIANT at performing during INTERVIEWS !!!


Tool 1: Resume Writing Guide 

Tool 2: Resume Verbs

Tool 3: Decoding a Job Description V1

Tool 4: Company Research Worksheet

Tool 5: Cover Letter Writing Guide 

Tool 6: Interview Preparation Checklist

Tool 7: 50 Common Interview Questions and Answers

Tool 8: Behavioural Interviewing Preparation Worksheet

Tool 9: STAR Method Interview Preparation Guide

Tool 10: STAR Interviewing Practice Sheet 1

Tool 11: STAR Interviewing Practice Sheet 2

Tool 12: How to Dress for an Interview

Tool 13: Interview Body Language

Tool 14: Online Interviews Guide

Tool 15: Stress Management for Presentations and Interviews 

Tool 16: Salary Negotiation

Tool 17: Pre-Interview Relaxation Techniques

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9 Beautiful Resume Templates

Super Bonus:


Build Solid Self Confidence Now

Interview Body Language Guide

Designed by Vikaas Kausshik

Super Bonus:

Personality Improvement Toolkit

Designed by Vikaas Kausshik

Self Care Assessment

Designed by Vikaas Kausshik

About Your Host: Vikaas Kausshik

Meet Vikaas Kausshik, a trailblazer in the field of career coaching and personal development. Vikaas is not only a renowned speaker at prestigious events but also a much sought after Executive coach.

His coaching approach focuses on empowering his clients to make these transformative shifts in perspective. Drawing from his own experiences as a high-performer, Vikaas continuously seek out better ways to achieve success and refine my coaching methods. His commitment to personal and professional development is unwavering, as he believes that continuous improvement is key to unlocking one's full potential.

Interestingly, Vikaas's own journey from feeling powerless to becoming a successful coach has given him a unique insight into helping others discover their strengths. Even when his clients may not see their own potential, Vikaas has a gift for recognizing their power and guiding them towards their goals.

With over 25 years of experience, Vikaas has empowered thousands of job seekers and professionals to achieve their career aspirations. His innovative approach, which includes the use of the highly effective WhatsApp Classes, has revolutionized how individuals prepare for and succeed in job interviews.

Vikaas's expertise lies in transforming ordinary looking individuals into confident, capable candidates ready to excel in any interview. His methods are not just about landing the job but about building a lasting career. By focusing on leadership, personal branding, and interview mastery, Vikaas ensures his students are equipped with the tools and mindset needed for success.

Join Vikaas in the Ultimate Interview Success Masterclass and experience firsthand how his proven techniques can help you shine in your next job interview. With Vikaas by your side, you'll gain the confidence, skills, and insights necessary to turn your career dreams into reality.

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Vikaas Kausshik

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